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Welcome to the homepage of the Oberon Webring, designed to put all the information on Oberon and related developments together in one place. The motivation for starting this webring grew out of discussions in the comp.lang.oberon newsgroup in April 1998 regarding ideas for making Oberon more visible to the general net.citizen, thus increasing the potential user and developer base. Currently it is not yet sure that this initiative will be a success, but then, I have at least tried to do something valuable for the Oberon community...

The Ringmaster, 27. April 1998


The Oberon Webring serves as a central starting point for websites related to the Oberon programming language or system environment as developed originally at the ETH Zürich by Niklaus Wirth and Jürg Gutknecht. It also serves as a starting point for websites related to developments derived from or inspired by the original Oberon designs.


Joining the Oberon Webring is very easy: Just click on "Join" in the "Navigation Bar" below and fill out the relevant forms. Of course, you must also add the actual HTML markup for the "Navigation Bar" to your site, but this will be emailed to you right after your application.

Let me add a note regarding the proper use of HTML here: I would like to see that all sites in the Oberon Webring actually validate as proper HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0 according to the official W3 Consortium's validator. It would also be appreciated if you could spend some time to study the guidelines on accessible web design established by the Best Viewed With Any Browser campaign. In my opinion, the web should be as interoperable and accessible as possible to anyone, anywhere, even when using stone-age computers. Think about it, you might arrive at the same conclusions...

Anyway, I look forward to seeing lots and lots of Oberon related sites join this webring. Maybe we can contribute a little bit to raising Oberon awareness on the web. Wouldn't that be great?


Here are some resources that no Oberon enthusiast's homepage should be without. Except for the "Webring" button, which should point to this page, you are free to link the others wherever you want. Just link them!

Oberon - Get it now! Oberon - Try it now! Oberon - by Wirth Oberon - Webring

Oberon - Get it now! Oberon - Try it now! Oberon - by Wirth Oberon - Webring

Note that these are in PNG and GIF format respectively. I encourage the use of PNG for obvious reasons. If you have ideas for other slogans, other buttons, or even designed your very own Oberon publicity buttons, please send them in!


19. April 1998Oberon Webring established by Peter H. Fröhlich at UCI.
26. April 1998Oberon Webring has 4 sites. Not much for a week, at least on the Internet.
27. April 1998Oberon Webring main site relocates to n! for no reason whatsoever.
06. May 1998Oberon Webring finally at 10 sites, thanks to the University of Linz, Austria!
16. April 1999Finally we have a counter here! And our first birthday is coming up...
25. January 2001Changed providers and updated site to XHTML.
25. July 2001First major makeover in years, I hope you like it.


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